Top Best Funny Whatsapp Status Messages

Everyone likes fun, and fun is always a key to be happy. So Today we are sharing a list of funny status for WhatsApp, in this list of WhatsApp status contains a collection of best funny WhatsApp status from all around the web. This section or category is for short sentences, or small size quotes that are said in movies and books. Share your choice with the world through your funny WhatsApp status meaages. Use a sentence to say what you want in public. Here you can find the short and funny hilarious status for WhatsApp you were looking for.  We have some greate collection of funny WhatsApp status ideas that is really funny. So check the list below.

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Best Funny Whatsapp Status Messages

I’ll marry the girl, who looks pretty in her Adhaar card

Someone on his status “Slipping” since 4 days! Probably he is Dead.

God is really Creative ……. I mean just look at ME!!.

Dear god there is a bug in your software ….. its called MONDAY plz fix it.

I’ll hit you sooo had even GOOGLE won’t able to find you.

After Monday and Tuesday even calendar says W T F…

Whenever I think to quit smoking, I need a Cigarette to think

A man asks a trainer in the gym “I want to impress that beautiful girl, which machine should I use?” Trainer replies “use the ATM”.

I’ve one bad news and one good news to tell you. The bad news is I’ve no Good News and the bad news is I’ve no Good News.

You don’t know something then Google it. You don’t know someone then Facebook it. You can’t find something then Mom!!

I speak my mind. I never mind what I speak.

Dear Samsung please also start selling jeans that can also accommodate your Smartphone.

I had horrible busy day converting Oxygen into Carbon dioxide.

Every problem comes with a solution. If it doesn’t have any solution then it’s a …. GIRL.

Do you want to go out with me? (A) Yes (B) A (C) B.

Knowledge is like underwear. It is useful to have it, but it’s not necessary to show off it

If you can’t change a Girl then …………. Change the Girl.

Touch it gently, put two fingers inside if its wide use three fingers, make sure its wet and rub up and down. Yes that’s how you wash a Cup.

People say everything happens for a reason. So when I punch you in the face, remember I’ve a reason.

I’m currently experiencing life at the rate of 15 WTF’s every hours.

It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world each day fit exactly the length of newspaper.

We men want same thing from women that we want from underwear, some support and some freedom.

80% of boys have girlfriends….. rest 20% are heaving brain

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These were some best funny status for whatsapp, these funny whatesapp status are collected from various source of the internet and we’ll collect and publish more funny whatsapp status message soon.

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